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We honor women’s history

Posted Mar 1, 2017 Posted by 2 Comments

March is Women’s History Month — an event you can take part in at your library (or online from anywhere) with library resources including books, movies and reference materials from our online databases.

Read biographies of remarkable women — or novels by and about women. Watch movies that tell women’s stories. Or conduct research on any topic or person of your choosing.

This year’s theme is Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business. Learn more about Women’s History Month at the National Women’s History Project. Check out the resources from the Library of Congress and other national archives.

And as always, look into your local history — women have played a major role in the Keys from the very beginning. Visiting our online photo archive is always a good place to start. The photo here came from the Porter Grooms Families Collection — preserved in scrapbooks by a Keys woman, Mary Louisa Porter Grooms.

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  • joy4evr said:

    It’s truly remarkable to be able to look back in history and appreciate all the strong women who stood for what they believed in and as modern day women are able to embrace and enjoy the fruits of their labour. I am very proud and thoroughly encouraged to leave as enriching a history for the younger generations.

  • Fred Dettorrez said:

    First wave feminisim was a noble cause. Feminisim today is a hate group seeking privilege for women in the work place and education. Please watch on YOUTUBE ” Rad Fem Hub, The Underbelly Of A Hate Group” Also Hanna Rosin, The End Of Men”” These feminist hate groups are the norm not the exception.
    Also read feminist writings by Mary Daley , a Professor of Boston College and By Sally Gearhart, Valory Salonas and Andrea Dworkin. You may say that these groups and women are on the fringe but they are welcome in all feminist circles. There was only one feminist that ever spoke out against these hate groups. She was Julie Bindle of England’
    Woman always had the same rights as men in regard to voting .Voting rights were based on social status not gender. If you did not own any property you could not vote. So all men were not able to vote until five years before women were allowed to vote with the pasage of the 19th ammendment.
    Again feminisim today is a hate movement that seeks revenge for a preceived past injustice. The Violence Against Womens Act pays police,prosecutors, judges,and victims services money for every man or boy prosecuted. Men are 53 % of domestic violence victims and 40 % of those that are injured in domestic violence. If police and the prosecutors want VAWA money , they have to charge only men and boys to apply for those funds. This is sinister. This is modern day third wave feminisim.