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Posted Jan 15, 2017 Posted by 2 Comments

A frequent question heard at the library is “What should I read next?” Library staffers especially love this question. While “Where’s your bathroom?” also ranks high on the frequency meter, it isn’t nearly as fun to answer as helping someone find their next great read.

Enter Books & Authors, a fresh and rich website where “experts and editors present reviews, opinions, commentary, and more in our ever-vigilant attempt to make sure that no good book goes unread.”

Here’s more from their website:

Who? What? Where? When? – A fun, interactive and altogether cool way of searching for titles based on character, subject, location and time period. If you’re looking for a book about a French car-racing platypus, set in the 1940’s, we can’t help you – but we can tell you all about a series about a sleuthing librarian that solves murders in her Washington locale.
Authoritative Suggestions – Books & Authors draws upon the expertise of dozens of genre and subject experts to pick the very best award-winning and best seller fiction and non-fiction titles for your browsing pleasure. Authoritative suggestions,enjoyable results.

Expert Picks – our collection of reading lists come from international library associations, literary publications, and from libraries all over the world. Popular themes make these lists an invaluable part of your search for similar titles or topics of interest.

Your favorite authors, in full detail – tens of thousands of full-length biographies from Gale’s award-wining reference series keep you in the know….and up to date.

Thousands of book reviews – not sure if you want to take the time for a certain title? Get the literary lowdown from well-known resources like Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and a host of additional review sources.

Click here to get started. You will be asked to enter your 14-digit library card number to begin.

Let us know how you like Books & Authors. The Library folks are just learning our way around, too, so feel free to provide pointers and comments here.

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  • claudia said:

    I just got on the books and authors link you posted. Its awesome. I was able to search by genre and find all kinds of goodies I never would of found. I read some very “off the wall” horror/mystical stuff and by searching through the genre I was able to find so many titles I feel like a kid in a candy store. Hooray! Everyone who is having trouble looking for their next read shoud check this out.

  • Allison said:

    This website is awesome!! Searching by genre is a really cool way to find your next read. You can find anything you want! From books about Airplanes in Antarctica to Zombies in Zimbabwe, you’ll find it! The Who, What, When, Where feature on the website is an easy and fun way to find an interesting read. I love this website!! Thank you so much!