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Toddlers story and craft hour

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Join us for stories, songs, crafts, and fun at the Big Pine Key Library.  This week’s story is “Click, Clack, Surprise!” by Doreen Cronin (Author), Betsy Lewin (Illustrator).  Everyone wants to look their best for the party.  But Little Duck has never had a birthday before—so how better to learn how to prepare than to do what all the other animals do!  The sheep trim their wool—so Little Duck trims her feathers.  The pigs need a mud bath—so Little Duck squish and quashes, too.  All over the barnyard Little Duck snips, slurps, squishes, and shimmy shakes herself ready until…WHOOPS!  It’s party picture time—and Little Duck is a big mess.  No matter—it’s not something Farmer Brown’s frosted maple cake can’t fix!

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