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PCs and Wi-Fis

Posted Jan 16, 2013 Posted by 18 Comments

Internet and word processing services remain free to residents and visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. The Wi-Fi is wide open, so no password nor special gymnastics needed to connect. Printing from library PCs  is available for $0.10 per page. (Wireless printing not available yet.) Visit the location closest to you to connect!



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  • Bill Franz said:

    I am a college professor and am coming down for vacation June 4-12. Unfortunately I have to monitor my class web sites (once a day) while on vacation. I don’t want to pack a laptop and wanted to make sure the library was available for such a need.

  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Professor,
    Each of our 5 libraries have PCs for public use Monday-Saturday. The word processing software is woefully outdated, but the web browsers have been upgraded recently. We look forward to your visit. Safe travels!

  • susan Scrimshaw said:

    I will be visiting Key West for 5 weeks in Feb/March. I will be “working remotely” and have a need to do my billing. this will entail printing out roughly 200+ invoices from a couple of vendors’ web sites. The files are accessible via a computer and come in a pdf format.
    My questions are: can I use the library computer to open a pdf file and can I print at the library and what is the cost per page? (Black and White 8 1/2 x 11)
    Thank you

  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Susan–Thank you for your question. Yes, you will be able to open most pdfs from a library PC. Printing is $0.10 per page. We look forward to seeing you at the Library.

  • Pat Widdon said:

    I will be visiting Key West next week. I will be bringing some job related work with me that requires access to internet/emplr vpn; however, my emplr requires access be via “physical/wired” connection as use of wifi is not allowed. Does the library have a internet ethernet/data interface/port I can “plug” into to access the internet? Thanks.


  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you for your interest in our library services. You are welcome to use the library’s public PCs, but there is no wired network provided for public use. The Key West Business Center might offer this service: http://www.keywestbusinesscenter.com/

    Thanks again for contacting us. Safe travels and we hope you enjoy your visit.

  • chase brody said:

    how many computers do you have open and available for the public use ?
    can i come in and reserve 30 min slot if the they are all busy ?

  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Chase, our 5 libraries offer 3 to 15 PCs free for public use, depending on which location you visit. A sign up sheet is available to reserve a PC if they are all in use. We look forward to your visit.

  • Bryan said:

    I was impressed with your computing facilities on a recent visit.

    Being an IT Professional, I liked the user management software that controls the individual workstations. I looked for more information on it; our school might benefit from something similar. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the details — it is called “user ….” something. It is a linux-based, thinclient system.

    Can you give me some insight into the name of system you use?



  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Bryan, thank you for writing, and for your praise of our new public computing platform. We are using a system by Userful. At http://userful.com/ you’ll notice that their primary customers are schools. Thanks again! Anne

  • Linda said:

    I’ll be in Key West next year in February, and it looks like the place we’ll be staying does not offer Internet access … so I’ll be heading over to the library with my laptop for all my webbing!
    My major concern is that one of my work deadlines is AFTER library closing time on Thursday (I’m often editing copy online until after 8 p.m.). My question is: Can your library wi-fi be accessed from nearby, outside the building. And, if so, is there a nearby bench or a tree stump or something I can use to work for an hour or so after library closing time?
    Thanks so much.

  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for asking! Plenty of folks sit on the library’s front steps, accessing the free wifi after closing hours. We look forward to your visit.
    Safe travels,

  • Chrissy said:

    Hello. Does the Key Largo location offer color printing?

  • Courtney said:


    I will be visiting the Keys and will have a test to take during the week I am there. Do you guys have private rooms available?


  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Courtney, thank you for your question and interest in library services. We do not have private rooms available for individuals taking tests. Perhaps the Florida Keys Community College can accommodate: http://libguides.fkcc.edu/lrc
    Safe travels!

  • angie said:


    I am wondering if the library offers any type of PC classes for softwares like Word, Excel etc…

    I am looking on your site and see the WiFi and pc is accessible, but I am looking for structured classes. Please let me know.

  • Anne (author) said:

    Hi Angie, thank you for your question and interest in library services. Yes, check our library events page here for upcoming PC and tablet classes: http://www.keyslibraries.org/category/events/

    We look forward to seeing you at the library!

  • Lorie Hayes said:

    Do you have a color printer?