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Getting a Library Card

Posted Jan 7, 2013 Posted by 22 Comments

Library cards are free of charge to residents of the Library taxing district and to persons who pay property taxes or license a business in Monroe County but reside elsewhere. Military personnel and family on active duty in Monroe County are also eligible for a free resident card.

To receive a free library card, applicants typically provide a valid Florida Driver’s License or Florida ID card displaying their current Monroe County address.  If these forms of identification are not available, or if the address is not current or local, an applicant may provide a valid, government-issued photo ID card with one of the following:

•             Monroe County Property Tax Receipt or Business License
•             Pay stub, IRS return or printed bank checks showing applicant’s name and local address
•             A current residential lease of at least 6 months
•             Monroe County School or Employer ID
•             Current Monroe County Utility Bills
•             Monroe County Voter’s Registration Card
•             Current Monroe County Vehicle or Vessel Registration

If you’ve forgotten to bring along your library card, just show us your valid Driver’s License or photo ID card and we’ll look you up. Lost your card? The first few replacement cards are on us. After that, there may be a nominal replacement fee.

Are you visiting the Keys? We offer a visitors card for $30.00 annually, entitling you to full check-out privileges. In addition, each library offers a free paperback exchange and ongoing book sale, with most titles less than $5.00.

We look forward to your visit!

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  • Sue Higginbottom said:

    Hello! We will be visiting Key West in March. We have a vacation rental from March 18-31. We are HUGE library fans and would like to know if we can get a temporary membership (card) to the Key West library. We are longtime library users in Seattle, Washington and have used (temporarily) many other libraries in the US and the UK and have found the experience very rewarding. Thank you for your assistance.

  • Connie Jenson said:

    I too will be visiting for nearly a month and was hoping to use the library in Key West. My daughter lives there – could I use her card? I think a temporary card is a great idea.

  • Anne said:

    We offer a visitors card for $30.00 annually. In addition, each library offers a free paperback exchange and ongoing book sale with most titles less than $5.00.

    A family member may give us permission to let you use their card. Just have them come in with you the first time, and we’ll add a note to their account.

    We look forward to your visit!

  • sara werra said:

    I can’t find my library card and am traveling. How can I get info to borrow eBooks? I have my drivers license with me…..

  • Eve said:

    Im 15 but dont have a permit or anything….Can I still get a library card or do I require an adult? If the case is I dont need an adult then how can I get one on my own and will it cost me anything?

  • Anne said:

    Hi Eve,
    Thanks for writing! At 15, an adult is not required for you to get a free library card. A photo ID is necessary, though. Do you have a passport, school ID card or a Florida ID card? If not, please mail me at anner@keyslibraries.org and we will try to figure out a way to get you a free card.
    Thanks again for your question!

  • Charles danger said:

    I own a home at 153 Nautilus Drive in islamorada and spend days at a time ther enjoying the weather.
    i would like to have a library card for neme and My wifesarah who is an avid reader.
    Is that posible .
    can you mail the card to our home in Miami?

  • Anne said:

    Hi Charles,
    As a Monroe County property taxpayer, you are entitled to a free resident card. Here’s a post about obtaining your card: http://www.keyslibraries.org/2013/library-card/
    While we don’t offer mailing service, we certainly look forward to your next visit!

  • Sharon said:


    Is the visitors’ card able to be used at all Monroe County libraries?

  • Anne said:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for your question. Yes, the visitors’ card is valid at all 5 libraries. You can also use it to request titles from a distant library to be delivered to the closest library.

  • Kelli said:

    Can I get a library card online

  • Anne said:

    Hi Kelli,
    Thank you for your question. Library cards are available in-person at our 5 libraries in the Keys. Here’s where you’ll find directions and hours: http://www.keyslibraries.org/about-us/locations/

    We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Jules said:

    Your library is one the best things in keybwest for residents.all you people are friendly and helpful. Thank you.

  • Anne said:

    You’re very welcome. And thank you for taking the time to write such high praise on our blog. We’re blushing!
    Best wishes,
    Library staff

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  • Baitul Ulum said:

    Oh I see. Can I get it online?

  • Charles said:

    I only want to use the library computer to check email while in Key West. Do i have to pay for this service. I will be visiting from Kentucky.

  • Anne said:

    Hi Charles,
    Free internet access via library PCs and WIFI is available to all. You can scoot over here for more details: http://www.keyslibraries.org/2013/pcsandwifi/
    Safe travels and we look forward to your visit.

  • Bridget said:

    I thought I saw something listed on the keys libraries website about being able to get books from the main land, but then when I went back to read about it I could not find the information. Did I see it correctly that we can get books, DVDs, etc sent down from other libraries?

  • Anne said:

    Hi Bridget, take a look over here for information about the Interlibrary Loan program: http://www.keyslibraries.org/?p=4336 Please note that DVDs and new titles are not available.
    You probably saw the “Borrow books from the mainland” link under the “Books” drop-down on the green navigation area of the library website. It also appears in a “Didn’t find it…?” box on the library catalog after you search for a title. Happy Reading!