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Key West Maritime Historical Society: Scott DeWolfe

Posted Mar 20, 2012 Posted by 3 Comments

The March meeting of the Key West Maritime Historical Society will feature antique and rare book dealer Scott DeWolfe. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, in the Auditorium at the Key West Library. It is free and open to all. DeWolfe will speak about documenting Key West history through photos and ephemera.

DeWolfe, who hails from Maine, made his first visit to Key West in 1996 and became fascinated with its unique history. He began a collection of old photographs, documents and other ephemera which he continued through subsequent visits. His collection includes items from the founding of Key West in the 1820s through the various periods of its growth and decline up to the 1960s.

He has made his collection available to the Key West Library History Department. Tom Hambright and several volunteers have been busy scanning, tagging and captioning copies of items in his amazing collection, such as the image, left, showing Fort Taylor and ships in Key West Harbor circa 1865. They are now available online as part of the Library’s online collection.

DeWolfe’s presentation will highlight the stories that emerge from the items in his collection. He will briefly describe and illustrate in slides some of the most important and story-rich items, such as pirates, hurricanes and Civil War-era scenes.

Mar 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM

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  • Randy Biddle said:

    Forgove me for ‘hijacking’ this post, but it involved folks who seem to know about maritime history in The Keys.

    This is an unusual question, but maybe you can help…

    I build and repair ship models. In my shop presently is a sloop named “HOBO” Seems to resemble a “smackee”

    There is a wreck report for the loss of a vessel named “HOBO” in 1947.
    Wondering if this model represents the original “HOBO”. Whomever made the model certainly new the namesake boat well.

    The work was purchased from a bookstore in downtown Los Angeles in 1969.

    Is there a connection — between, “HOBO” the model, “HOBO” the sloop, and “HOBO’s Cafe”?

    Thanks for considering my request.
    A reply (directly to my email address) of any kind is always appreciated.

    All best,

    Randy Biddle
    Valencia, California

  • Anne said:

    Hi Randy, thank you for your comments–you’re not hijacking at all. Yes, we have some very knowledgeable maritime folks here in the Keys. Our resident historian, Tom Hambright, will be contacting you via email.
    Best wishes,

  • Randy Biddle said:

    Thank you Anne, and sorry. I haven’t been back here to check on replies until just now. If I’m not mistaken, Tom helped me back around 1997 when I did very extensive research on the famous brig PILGRIM which carried Richard Henry Dana Jr to Alta California from Boston in 1834. That vessel burned at sea 100 miles NNW of Dry Tortugas on October 31, 1841. We’re not certain however, whether she sank, or drifted as a hulk until fetching up at Key West sometime around 1856 (have to check my notes…) a captive of the Loop Current.

    Far as I know, I’ve not seen an email from Tom, but everyone is busy.

    I appreciate your help Anne.

    All Best

    Randy Biddle