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Calling all Kindles!

Posted Mar 8, 2012 Posted by 15 Comments

Our library eBook collection is now compatible with the world’s bestselling eBook reader, the Amazon® Kindle! Download popular and classic eBooks to a Kindle device or any mobile device running the free Kindle app, such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and more. To get started, visit http://estuff.keyslibraries.org.

Kindle users can browse the library’s collection of bestselling and classic eBooks from a PC or Mac computer, check out titles using a library card, and select “Get for Kindle” to deliver eBooks to their Kindle device or any device running the free Kindle app. Users who enjoy eBooks on Kindle will benefit from Amazon’s Whispersync technology that synchronizes notes, highlights and last page read between their Kindle and free Kindle apps.

We also offer eBooks and audiobooks for use on a PC or Mac computer and popular mobile devices such as a Smartphone, MP3 player, and eBook reader like the Barnes & Noble® Nook™ and Sony® Reader.

Download Audiobooks and eBooks anytime, anywhere  from the library’s website, http://estuff.keyslibraries.org.

Browse the collection, check out with your library card, and download to your PC, Mac®, and many mobile devices. To get started, you will need to install free software. For audiobooks: OverDrive® Media Console™. To read eBooks, you’ll need Adobe® Digital Editions, a free download. Titles can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices. Some audio titles can also be burned to CD to listen on-the-go. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees!

With many popular fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from, the new collection is guaranteed to have something for everyone. You can download best-selling novels, well-known classics, self-improvement guides, and much more. Don’t see a title you want? Use the Suggest a Title button on the right column to help us build the collection.

This new service, powered by OverDrive, is free with your library card. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of the phone number on file here at the library. To get started downloading audiobooks, eBooks, and more, visit http://estuff.keyslibraries.org .

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  • Sara Moses said:

    Hi there,
    I just downloaded a book and the Amazon website says Expiration Date Oct. 5, 2011. So three questions:

    a) is one week the standard checkout time?
    b) will I be able to renew?
    c) can I track how much more time I have to read something?

    I am new to eReading stuff, but was excited to see the Game of Thrones series available. That is the reason I downloaded Kindle to my iPad.

    So thanks for offering this new service! I hope it is a format that works for me!

  • Anne
    Anne (author) said:

    Hi Sara,
    Thank you for trying out the Kindle ebooks and for the great questions!:
    a) 7 days is the default checkout period but you can change it to 14 days. Click here to link to OverDrive’s FAQ on how to change the checkout period for individual titles as well as your personalized default
    b) You will be able to check out again as long as no one is waiting for the title, just like with print books.
    c)Amazon will send you a courtesy email notifying you a few days before the end of the checkout period, and then at the moment the item is returned. Also, you can log into your OverDrive account and navigate to “My Items Out” to see the expire date for your check outs.

    Once you’re done with the Game of Thrones, please let us know other titles you’d like us to purchase for the collection. From any page on the OverDrive site, click the Suggest a Title link.
    Happy Reading!

  • Nan said:

    FYI you’re welcome to use the Kindle app but you can also download any ePub or PDF ebook directly to an iPad. There’s a free Overdrive app for iPads; once you have that and Adobe Digital Editions you’re good to go. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Sara said:

    Perfect, You answered all my questions, and I have updated my account and suggested a new title. Thanks!

  • Jackie said:

    Hi Anne,
    I was very excited to learn about downloading books from the library to my Kindle. I thought I had read a library article which explained the library would have access to thousands of e-books. I was surprised when I looked at the e book site and saw what appears to be a very small selection. Am I missing something?
    Thank you!

  • Jackie said:

    Never mind Anne, I found them!
    Thank you.

  • Renee said:

    It seems that there are two seperate sides of the online accounts. One for hard covered books and then one for e-books. I went to see what books I had on hold and had to log in twice. It would be nice to pull up my account and see my hold and wish list all in one place.

    I just love having access to the ebooks!


  • Anne
    Anne (author) said:

    Hi Renee,
    Agreed! I understand that the 2 companies (Polaris for regular books and OverDrive for eBooks) are talking now about mashing up in some way to provide us with one unified account for checkouts and holds. We’ll be sure to shout this out on the website here when this feature becomes available.
    Thanks for writing and be sure to let us know any new ebook titles you like us to add.

  • Sally said:

    Can I download books to my kindle through my PC?

  • Nan said:

    Hi Sally,
    You can download books for your Kindle through your PC — and for some older and more basic Kindle models (those that don’t browse the Internet), you must download the book to the PC, then connect your Kindle and manually drag the book into the Kindle’s document folder. Here are a couple Kindle tutorials that might be helpful:




    Also feel free to stop by the Library or give us a call at 305-292-3595 if you have questions.


  • paige said:

    My first digital “borrow” expired but it seems likethe book is still on my Kindle? Do I need to “return” it somehow? This is all new to me!! Thanks.

  • Anne
    Anne (author) said:

    Hi Paige,
    To return a Kindle eBook, log into your Amazon account. From the left-hand navigation bar: Kindle>Manage Your Kindle. To the far right of each book title is a drop-down menu. From here, choose either Return or Delete from Library. Then sync your Kindle to remove that book.
    Thanks for using the library!

  • paige said:

    Thanks Anne!

  • Lynne Coster said:

    I have recently purchased a Kindle from Amazon. I am a member of the Big Pine Key Library. I will be travelling to Canada would I be able to use a Library there? Your co-operation would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Henry Duggan said:

    My 2012 historical fiction novel, SILVER’S ODYSSEY, will be free on kindle Books Nov. 5-6.
    It begins with the sinking of the Atocha off the keys and follows the plight of a survivor trying to survive in wilderness 17th century Florida.

    Research into actual events enriches the novel and heightens his desperate survival adventure. Never a dull moment and a page-turner. For the history buff and armchair explorer.

    Great read for Florida’s 500th !