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Posted Jan 19, 2011 Posted by 2 Comments

Tom receiving lauds from the County Commission, Jan. 19, 2011.

We’re celebrating Tom Hambright’s 25th year serving the Keys community! If you don’t know him, Tom is our resident historian. He is gracious, sharp, omniscient, entertaining and very tall.

On any given day, Tom is amazing elementary school children with his local knowledge, then generously responding to the History Channel, while captioning another photo on the library’s Flickr site.

We’re frequently asked what would happen to the library’s history department if Tom won the lottery. Answer is:  Tom is prohibited from ever playing the lottery.

And now from the man of the hour, Tom Hambright:

“The Key West Citizen’s articles and the community’s acknowledgement of my 25 years as Monroe County Historian is a humbling and satisfying experience. It is gratifying to have people stop me on the street to express their satisfaction with the service provided by the Monroe County Library and the Florida Room. What I have accomplished would have been impossible without my wife, Lynda, who worked with me for 17 year, Betty Bruce who founded the Florida Room in the 1960s, the support of the Key West Library staff and the tax payers and government of Monroe County who funded and operated the Library system for the past 51 years. Thank You for a great 25 years, I hope to be here a few more years.”

Take a moment this week to share your appreciation of Tom.

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  • Ralph De Palma said:

    Tom is a huge asset to this community and a very good friend. Every time I scan one of the old photo’s in the Florida Room Tom has given me a complete history of the pic including names, places, timeframe and most interestingly the little tidbits about our unique history.

    I hope you and Lynda enjoy this moment as you are most deserving.

    Thanks again Tom.

    Your Friend,
    Ralph De Palma

  • erin said:

    Hi Mr Hambright! Congratulations and thank you!

    I am a reader of all things KW! I came in to library about two years ago and introduced myself to you! I was thrilled to meet you and see your office! You were so pleasant and patient with me and let me take your picture!

    Take good care and thank you for your love and dedication to the wonder filled town of Key West. It is my home away from home and the history you write of fills my home books shelves when I cannot be there to explore the streets. Key West is magic to me….!

    Thank you and be well!

    Erin Cartwright
    Crofton, Maryland