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Posted Apr 6, 2010 Posted by 2 Comments

Our Florida History Department is located in the Key West Library and maintains the same hours. Click here for hours and location. Our historian, Tom Hambright, does take an occasional vacation, so please call before planning a trip. Tom may be reached at 305-809-5260 or email hambright-tom@monroecounty-fl.gov

We provide access to most of the original items in our Florida History archival collections. Library staff, however, reserves the right to restrict handling or copying of materials which may jeopardize the records’ continued preservation.

Customers may duplicate archival materials using their own digital capture or photographic equipment. Some archival material may also be available in digital format. Downloads of low-resolution, archival images or audio files from the library’s websites are available free of charge. High-resolution reproductions (generally, uncompressed, full-size master files) can be provided on removable storage media (such as compact disc) at a cost of $10.00 per image. Non-profit and research organizations may be granted a waiver of this fee, at the discretion of Library staff.

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  • Sharon Farrell said:

    I am teaching Oral and Community History at the college. I would like to bring three students to the library to explore the Florida history room. We are planning the trip on September 23rd at 2:00 pm. Will anyone be available to answer questions?

    Sharon E. Farrell

  • Anne
    Anne (author) said:

    Hi Sharon,
    Come explore! I’m forwarding your question to Tom Hambright to confirm that he will be available for your class visit. Thank you for your email and interest.